All That's Won Will Set The Sun

by Liz Unphair

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"When I wrote 'Today' I knew that I was going to be a national treasure, but not like Nicholas Cage. Also, my politics suck, just thot u shud know1!!"
-Billy Corgan


released February 24, 2015

Ben Watts - all things


Michael Hodecker - Violin - Tracks 4 & 26



all rights reserved


Liz Unphair Eugene, Oregon

Liz Unphair is the world's first "Songer-Singwriter."

When asked for comment, this was his/her/its response:

"Gee, I mean, I guess, I mean, I hope my music will inspire aspiring interpretive dancers."
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Track Name: Melodrama
You're the sickest cell
The hospital knows well
My friends have all gone home
To kill the marrow in their bones

You look just like me
Pavement in the heat
A beautiful mirage
Of what I wish to see

Stone cold and uncontrolled repeating faults again
Seeking safety from and maybe some new healthy-hearted pathogen

I'll put you in my play
You'll know just what to say
To Keep them all engaged
To relieve suspicion from the high admission
You're gonna be a star

Seeking safety from and maybe some new empty-handed antigen

You could've been lonely, yeah
Track Name: Vaguely Dysthymic...
On a walk to give a talk to yourself about something familiar
Kick around with a crooked frown turned upside down and nobody believes it
Sleeping on the sidewalk I know you
Standing in the highway I want to be you
What’s the problem kid? Did you really think you’re not like the rest?

Something vaguely dysthymic is making me a waste of space
Cry myself to sleep at night, and when I dream, I cry myself awake
Laying in the breezeway, I know you
Standing in the open I want to be you
What’s the problem kid? Did you mean to trust the voices in your head?

I won’t be anything
I won’t be anything
I won’t change for anybody
Track Name: What Do You Know! I Can't Leave My House
Color coded days
In a black magic spell
Up to the task not at hand

Hit right on point
Right on target again
With what you’ve learned and replayed

Flowing through the thick
Can’t escape my mind
Why can’t you slow me down?

A trace element of
The things that they feel
Signing with the invisible plague

First-impression failure
In each waking hour
The front-page story in a back-page mind

Spinning by and by
(Yes and no)
Dizzy pirouette
(You should know)
Why can’t you slow me down?

Tell me what I know
Tell me what I know
Tell me what I know
Tell me what I don’t
Track Name: Vanish Thin
Face on fire every evening
All you’ve got are tomorrows
I think I’ll hole up in the bedroom
And pretend to forget what I’ve borrowed

I want to vanish thin
I want to vanish thin

There’s a trap beneath the trap door
Cellar walls seeping moisture
I think I’ll take the dogs out walking
Past the neon sign’s exposure

I want to vanish thin
I want to vanish thin
Track Name: Asleep In The Sand Of An Hourglass
Towards the back of moving forward
Still, you’ll follow orders
Just to take in what’s blown over

Day to day
And mundane as ever
I keep my sweaters on the floor
All thrown about

Whose hand will lead us away from here?
Whose head relates?
Caught a glimpse of reality
Through the holographic gate

Towards the back of moving forward
Still, you’ll mull it over
Till the water reaches your shoulders
Track Name: Cobwebs Climb Across Statuettes
Track Name: Stupid Metaphors
Here on the outside not looking in
With chemicals for friends
Blow out the candle, blow away the heat
The polar bears and antifreeze
In repetition, my brain is intermittent
Chest full of rungs and lungs
The many-headed beast with icycles for teeth
Staring blank right back at me

How would you know?
Couldn’t you tell him so?
Let it be known
It’s just a joke
A halo or wreath composed of smoke

Here on the inside not looking out
The chemicals wear off
Light up the matches and share body heat for warmth
Contemplate your sanity

How would you know?
Couldn’t you tell him so?
Let it be known
It’s just a joke
A halo or wreath composed of smoke
How would you know?
Couldn’t you tell him so?
Let it be known
It’s just a ghost
The hold that you grab just to let go
A halo or wreath composed of smoke
Track Name: Continuity
Asleep halfway awake
A beautiful woman on the wind
Where continuity will cease to be
Sterile on the sun
Soft as the moon
Hanging in mirrors
Swells blur reflections of you and me

Rouse to a fresh rose on your chest
Thy sheath shelters thee at rest

Oh sweet love of mine
That I’ll never know
As fate will decree
Carry out your ill-intentioned plan
Track Name: Anonymous
She's beautiful just like a ghost
I'll do it unless I don't have to
My focus is dying of old age

Siphoning my oxygen
I'm in the stall of a bathroom
I'm in the stall of a bathroom

Can you commit this all to habit?

It's five o'clock and I'm leaving
She said she'd be round the corner
Could she have been any more blatant?

I'm a bloodhound
Straying from the bloodline
Trying to avoid the mirrors

Can you commit this all to habit?
It's just not in my interest

Track Name: Counting To Eight
Track Name: TV Show Hospital
Walls are closing in on me until I crack a smile
Eyes point down right at my feet until you break the dial
To put me away where I’m okay
To keep it at bay when I’m insane

Lily called them up one day to say she couldn’t choose
Speech a slur, her tongue was tied, it looked just like a noose
But she’s at the age where she’s estranged
I’m at the age where I’m insane

Lonely days
These are lonely days
These are lonely days
Track Name: Another Time, Another Day...
I think I ran too slow
Yeah, I think I ran too slow

They’ve hooked me up to all their wires
And all I could say,
“Another time, another day”

But I never let it go
Yeah I’ll never let it go
I chose my poison on a whim
Awestruck by design
Anyhow, anyway…

I’m married to a sleepless night
I live inside a hollow fire
I cracked the code, then cracked a smile
What have you learned?
Track Name: Post-Cliché
It crosses lines
And lines the cross
Becoming empty space

Out in the still of the night
With the passerby
Standing in place
And nothing said

Set ailments to use
But there’s a price to pay
I look forward to nostalgia
It keeps myself at bay

Fools to entertain
Each way I’m screwed
So I’ll just humor you

But still
I’d like not to speak
Just to save my breath
For my dying wish
Still nothing said

Busy on the moon where nothing grows
Happy in the place where no one goes

Bottle on its side
I’ve nothing new to say
I look forward to nostalgia
It keeps myself at bay
A sparkling new cliché

And my whole life’s cliché
Track Name: Raining Violins
Track Name: Medicine, O Medicine
He could only take a bow
When the crowd got turned around
He’s happy when the time runs out
Medicine, O medicine

He read a book of cliché news
Matches then became the fuse
God had nothing better to do
Medicine, O medicine

You're killing time
Still killing time
That doesn't need to die
Don't even Bother
Track Name: Centuries Of Years
Shivering while the coffee warms
She rode off on a perfect storm
I’ll catch up soon, for she has sworn

The sun had set
When they all left for the beach

The battle reached the western front
Granddad left without his gun
Fit to chose an all or none

The birds had left when ears went deaf in the streets
Track Name: Eastern Seaboard In The Western Sky
Track Name: Cool, Awesome
Cool, awesome
Cool, awesome
Cool, awesome

Act like you want
I’ll disengage
And if I do, don’t be offended
It could be my problem

There’s a storm cloud tailored to fit the vacant lot above my head
And so here I am now shaking a stick at everyone’s self important affairs
But I’m feeling blue and I can’t finish my sentence

Trick card from hell
You play it well
At least you make me think so

The ages burn
Senses discern
Everyone’s at large now
As a matter of policy

There’s a storm cloud at the head of the bay in the vacant lot above my head
And so here I am now shaking a stick at everyone’s self important affairs
But I’m feeling blue and I’m outside of the confines
Track Name: Relapserelapserelapse
Track Name: Norepinephrine
Yeah she’s pretty, but who really gives a shit?
I’m immune to human instinct
And this taste of living is bitter
Now I’m back in therapy, now I’m back in therapy

Fell asleep straight into the fire
At least I didn’t wake up tired
All is good, I’m soon to retire
Self-destruction, self-destruction

Blue sun
Green sun
Mean sun

Stop looking in from the inside
Pretty soon you’ll need a microscope
You’ll find things not meant to magnify
Norepinephrine, norepinephrine

Blue sun
Green sun
Mean sun

Blue sun
Green sun
Red sun
Mean sun

Ignore epinephrine
No more epinephrine

(Stomach hurts)
(Heart and headache)
(Little to no difference)
(I’d be fine to do without it)
(Nothing’s ever felt so certain)
Track Name: Stars
The talk downstairs
As she becomes aware
To think in memories
Before she caught up to see
Playing the part destructive of hearts
On scripts of sick discrepancy
Disrupting the symmetry

I’ll fake it through today
Where stars become a mass of nothing
To play the devil’s game is to fall apart

Move along
There’s nothing to get hung up on
Him becoming me, reflected in everything
The leverage of this; just to recall these forlorn scenes in far off lands
Stripping the clocks of their hands
Track Name: Miniature Man On Campus
I’m not on your side
I’m not on mine
I penciled revisions
To my disposition
Holding out to grasp

Immune to surprise
Ignoring the signs
Prevent this prevention
I can’t learn my lesson
Letting go to grasp the hold I never had
Track Name: Loose Ends On Tightropes
Track Name: Hello, Parasite
Hello parasite, I’ve got what you need
Blood to feed
You won’t want anyone else
It’s all here can’t you see?

Hateful doves escaped their cage
I feel seven times my age

Lovely parasite, use my eyes to see
Take what you need
I’m pretty numb and it feels like a good day to bleed

Hear me out, and let them in
Drowned in watercolors thin

Rid me of this metal skin
Drown in watercolors thin

On my side, the day is weakening again
Tombstones are my birthstone
Flowers in piles of deceit
Track Name: The World's Gonna Crush Me
I guess I feel fine, for the lack of a better term
All the best descriptions are taken
It’s the perfect time of year
To spit into the mirror
Going after hours to the alley
To catch up with yourself

You only speak of her
In derogatory terms
But do you ever stop just to listen?
You’re acting like a dick
And it makes me feel sick
But I always feel sick
So what’s the difference now?

It's such a curse
I'm feeling worse

The world’s gonna crush me
The world’s gonna crush me
The world’s gonna crush me
But I’m ready
Track Name: Bozo's Heartbroken Theme
Track Name: In The Clay
Until you go
I think enough to know
Boats of hearts in waves, attack their host
Buildings reach to scrape the sky from the bones
From the bones

The tunes of laughs enough to break your back
Sustenance is everything you lack
Pins and puncture wounds and sinkholes in the clay

Townsfolk behold the sacrifice
I guess we’ll have to improvise
Sunday every Saturday

In the clay
In the clay
Track Name: The Eternal
The only thing I really learned to say
The only place I ever seem to go
When it’s done, he’ll set the sun
Now what’s come to pass is still in view
All you’ve come to be is to undo
All that’s won will set the sun

I’m a shell
O, to be alone and combat hell…
Something always left me incomplete
To live in fear of what will never be
All that’s won will set the sun
Track Name: Phantom Limb, Wave Hello
And it was just like the death of the sun
And it was just like time had unspun

I am a lot like you

Cloak of my night, big enough for the day
Blur out my eyes, then put it away

Take me to everything

Build up your home in a strange parallel
Delicate blooms to pell-mell erase
And it was just like she slept in cerise

I am a lot like her
Track Name: Band Aid
I think I figured you out
By pulling apart some stupid doubt

Lying around, waiting
Lying around, waiting

You've got a date who's running late
I've got a band aid on my brain

Waiting around for nothing
Waiting around for nothing

I'm in love with a girl
But I think she might be a ghost
I'm in love with a girl
But she's probably just a ghost