City of Delusion - EP

by Liz Unphair

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"Some EPs beg for your attention. This one does that, and then proceeds to be a massive fucking disappointment."
-unbiased dream smasher, Rolling Stone Magazine

"Siamese Dream is better than this"
-Billy Corgan


released January 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Liz Unphair Eugene, Oregon

Liz Unphair is the world's first "Songer-Singwriter."

When asked for comment, this was his/her/its response:

"Gee, I mean, I guess, I mean, I hope my music will inspire aspiring interpretive dancers."
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Track Name: Good Intentions
At the corner of good intentions and bad connections I found a place
Living a city of fear and pity, I’m just a trace
I let you kick me while I’m down cause I love the pain
At least that’s what you say

What am I gonna do now?
When everything’s untrue somehow
It’s still the same old problem but called by a different name

The mirror couldn’t stand being your reflection anymore
And lied
Said I need to split, I wish that I could stay but just look at the time

You’re caught between the question and the answer that nobody wrote
Playing sour notes

I'm sorry I said
I’m sorry
But you’re not sorry
You don’t believe me
Track Name: Let's Wait and See
She’s too broke to pay her attention
Hung up on what he didn’t mention
And they blew out their tire on a fork in the road

Packed her clothes in a beat up suitcase
Leaving behind the things she can’t replace
With nothing but years of playing “wait and see”

You showed too late
And you can’t relate
And you’re always trying something
But you’re always getting nothing

It’s a part of your world
It’s a part of my world
It's a part of my world

She’s strung out on antidepressants
There’s no one on earth that she doesn’t resent
But she can’t help but wonder why she ends up all alone
Track Name: Broken Record
Look at my place it is such a mess and I should probably
Clean it up, but I like to think that there’s no time cause it’s
A great excuse
To use
So I don’t have to do
Half of anything that I’m supposed to where my world’s much smaller
But that’s what I prefer
It’s nice to not be on the spot in some fake interaction
Where everybody’s on different pages

“You don’t really have that much to say do you?”
It’s all I ever hear
Or maybe “Stop being so sad”
It’s like a broken record
Where the grooves have run too deep
And the needle fell asleep
While reading stupid questions in rapid fire
It’s not that I don’t have that much to say
It’s just
You know I have a way of knowing when somebody is worth talking to

And really so few people are worth talking to
Track Name: Friends
What the hell are you doing here?
I thought you didn’t need me anymore
Cause nothing really does
I’m the past that never was
And the present ‘me’ is such a fucking joke

I hope you’re playing games
Cause it’d be too hard to take, this lying half-hearted farewell
If it’s so I’ll go to sleep, where the promises they keep
Aren’t just bad hallucinations

I’d like to introduce you to my friends
The little specks of dust that float in and out of view
Where the sunbeams are held hostage inside my dirty window pane
And then one day it rained and the clouds kidnapped my friends
And made them all imaginary

It always takes so much more than what anybody has

I like to think that nothing’s changed
I like to live inside a city of delusion
Track Name: Verses From 3 AM
Dependent on in-between
Pushed away better things
I can’t come to care if I fall
Cause it wouldn’t hurt at all
I already hurt all the time
My medicine won’t erase
The images from my dreams
I’m living them every day
I don’t know who I am
I don’t think I’m anywhere
And then I woke up on the floor
I gave everyone a scare

So I threw out my clock
Cause now it just hurts to watch
The minutes turn into hours
Hours turn into days
And tomorrow is up shit creek
And tomorrow is everyday
I’ll be asleep so soon
It kills just to be awake
What if I don’t wake up
Man wouldn’t that be great?
I don’t want to start again
Cause Hell is a figure 8