In The Shadow Of A Tidal Wave

by Liz Unphair

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"Siamese Dream is better than this"
-Billy Corgan

Holy fucketh, this sure does sucketh.
-The jester reciting his rhyme for the king and queen*

*he did not have the coat he borrowed from James Dean in his immediate possession...


released January 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Liz Unphair Eugene, Oregon

Liz Unphair is the world's first "Songer-Singwriter."

When asked for comment, this was his/her/its response:

"Gee, I mean, I guess, I mean, I hope my music will inspire aspiring interpretive dancers."
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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Hourglass
Every nighttime’s darker than the last
I guess it’s good to not repeat the past
That’s when things go downhill much too fast

Though it’s only secondhand
Love is wind inside the fan
Restless and aimless like the hourglass

I’ve become the deepest shade of blue
Hesitant to ever change its hue
Always thinking it might have a clue

Though it’s only secondhand
Love is wind inside a fan
Restless and aimless like the hourglass
Track Name: Melatonin
I’m starting to slow down
At least I’m starting
Starting something
I can’t keep the pace set by anybody
With ambition

So don’t you wait around for me
The stars seem all too bright
I cannot sleep at night
So can you tell me this is just a dream
Please just tell me this is all a dream

You’ve really got me fooled now
With some vague promise
Hope youre happy

Cause my pulse is getting weaker
Every breath now is so shallow
As we await the end of days

The stars seem all too bright
I cannot sleep at night
So can you tell me this is just a dream
Please just tell me this is all a dream
Track Name: Some Verses
Everything’s become the stillest dream
Tranquility is wide-awake or so it seems
Between the evergreens
The sun’s not rising
I’m freely falling
Misery has made a ghost of me
Indistinct as the breeze

Help is from the outside looking in
They don’t understand
We’re worlds apart and can’t begin
To meet each other’s eyes
Two falling figures
Misery has made a ghost of me
Indistinct as the breeze

I’m stuck between dimensions thinking that it’s where I belong
The comfort in confusion keeps me thinking nothing is wrong
Track Name: The Floor and the Ceiling
The room is opaque with her memory awake
In the summertime heat of the moment
Lives like a saint with her face looking faint
She was white as the ghost that infects her

The sheets of her bed and the thoughts in her head
Pounding holes in the floor and the ceiling
She makes herself up, takes a drink from the cup
Speaking words that are longing for meaning

Her brother's at home keeps her voice on the phone
Try to buy him some time feeling sorry
The sound of the streets kept the city asleep
While she choked on the smoke in the alley
Track Name: Nothing At All
Trading dollars for dimes
It’s the easiest game
If you could find the time
Or maybe someone to blame
You’re stuck making amends
With your invisible ink
It wouldn’t happen again
At least that’s not what I think

The finest of lines
Was real as it died with the day
I’m such a crime just to even let him escape
It’s getting late

Tired of watching the crowd
Buy into this shit
Moving into a cloud
Too addicted to quit
They’ve got their hopes in the sun
Leaving the rest up to fate
Hoping they won’t burn up
Man it’s already too late

The finest of times
I walk around just to run away
He’s such a crime, just to even let me escape
Late Late late

Got everything that I’ll never need
It doesn’t matter to, it never mattered to me

Simple’s all you can do
And even then it’s a stretch
It all depends on your mood
That things always a wreck
I’m tyring hard to deceive
So I won’t need to take any calls
And everytime that I breathe
Man I swear I feel nothing at all
Yeah I feel nothing at all
Track Name: Easy St.
Plain as plain could ever be
Dumbing down
Anyone it sees
Locked far away
Where there never was a key

I swear that every day’s the same
Even though
I’m probably to blame
For losing the spark
That always fed the flame

I want out
Don’t know how

Living on easy Street
Emptiness for free
Where anything goes to give you hell
Just making you wish you were someone else

I’m already done
I’m done

Living on easy Street
At the corner of filth and greed
Where somebody’s gonna call you out
Cause honest is always tougher crowd

I’m already done
I’m done
Track Name: Eighteen
A connoisseur of waiting
Living in a daydream
To kill these pressures off

Impossible tomorrow
Weakness took an hour
Stronger died today

The day’s gone and I hope it won’t come back again
I don’t need its problems when I already have my own

Staring at the ceiling
Overflowing feeling
Buried underneath

Excruciating beauty
Over the horizon
We never seem to reach
Track Name: Confused, Indifferent, and Abused
Here you are having nothing left to say
All because there’s something in your way
You always look
You never find
You always change your mind
To keep us all confused, indifferent, and abused

Now that time’s always running in reverse
There’s nothing new left to rehearse
Empty space
In empty halls
And rooms with empty walls
That won’t contain the things
That greater comfort brings

The words I need to say
Were never meant for conversation
So what else can I do?
What can I do?

When there’s nothing left thats meaningful to do
Maybe it’s your evil attitude
Trying to make
The things you love
Seem way too far above
What you think you deserve
But the problem’s only yours
The problem’s only yours
Track Name: Not Named
Take a step back and watch everything burn
Happy ashes in piles on the ground, memories in the sky
Feeling, not seeing

Cluelessness questions its every move
Just like I do
Picking up traces like cops on the scene
But I’m not dreaming

Just leave it alone
Nothing can be done
Most everyone knows, you’ll talk in your sleep about it
I'll talk in my sleep about it

All so tall, every wall built the wrong way
Concrete and freezing
I’m getting so close I invade my own space
Soul trapped in body

So hang up the phone, lock yourself in
Keep holding the weight, and don’t let yourself die like I did
Don’t let yourself die
Track Name: We'll Disappear
Why did I come back here
Why did I stay
Through my transparent eyes I see your transparent face
While all dimension’s wearing thin I hear you say
You woudn’t want it any other way

I feel like I’m so brave
To own a mirror
And with the hand I play
It all becomes so very clear
While we’re deferring to some apathetic state
You wouldn’t want it any other way

But everything becomes so perfect
Every hundred million years
When all the stars align
We’ll get the chance to disappear

I left my body as
I slept unaware
I looked so peaceful with my ghost suspended in the air
It comes across as strange to anyone awake
I wouldn’t want it any other way
Track Name: Blue as a Bird
Take it too far
It’s who you are
There’s nothing I can do

The branch to which you cling
The song you sing
Is a misunderstood scream

Take to the sky
And try to fly
We’ll all look like ants to you

Blue as a bird
Their every word
Never does come through

The atmosphere’s a desperate home
Is any one out there?
We’re sightless with a bird's eye view