Static - EP

by Liz Unphair

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"When I wrote 'Today' I knew that I was going to be a national treasure, but not like Nicholas Cage. Also, my politics suck, just thot u shud know1!!"
-Billy Corgan


released August 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Liz Unphair Eugene, Oregon

Liz Unphair is the world's first "Songer-Singwriter."

When asked for comment, this was his/her/its response:

"Gee, I mean, I guess, I mean, I hope my music will inspire aspiring interpretive dancers."
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Track Name: Can't Explain
Hey kid you look a little nervous
Is it just on purpose?
I’ll rephrase the question till you reach the surface
What would make it hurt less?
Did you even listen?
You’re losing my permission
I can’t believe this

You do everything to shame them
For your entertainment
The order of the sequence
You’ll reverse the treatment
Make us non-believers
Claiming how we’ve seen her
Frozen in transition
I can’t explain this

Plain sight
Can you tell if it’s wrong or right?
I can’t help but stay over it
Blood bandages on your wrists
Take it easy

Hey kid you seem a little vacant
Numbed by hesitation
Nothing’s unrelated
You get the connotation
But do you believe it?
You say you couldn’t see it
Your eyes were never open
I wish I knew
Track Name: Nobody
Broken wings are suicide
So familiar with a sigh
And everyone’s in the next room

Plain to see and out of sight
Hiding out in the spotlight
It’s the one place
Where id never
Dare to look at me
Getting older just like everybody else

I don’t want to know what becomes of me
I don’t ask any questions
That I don’t already know the answer to
Cause I’m so terrified of what is real
Do you believe me?
Does anybody?
Why won’t you answer?
You never do

I’m in love with my next life
Were a hundred years apart
It’s a long distance relationship
And I hope that it works out
Cause I don’t have a second plan

I don’t want to know what becomes of you
I don’t need to feel like I am somebody
Cause I’m nobody and that’s okay with me
Why should I expect to feel any differently?
Do you believe me?
Should anybody?
Why won’t you answer?
You never do
Track Name: Star Trails
Track Name: Cellar Door
Painfully close, awkwardly far
I still get the chills in the core of a star
Deadened suspense that’s filling my heart
The constant that tears at our skin
I knew you well then
I know you well now
I still don’t know what you’re talking about

The safety net and exchange of their vows
It hurts much less when it’s spoken aloud
A single revolt against an army of doubt
You unknowingly sent to invade me
God won’t save me
Her eyes stare blankly

It tears at our skin
I knew you well then
I know you well now
I still don’t know what you’re talking about
I still don’t know what you’re talking about
Track Name: Transient
He’s a ghost of himself
Shallow, hollow and numb
Filling gaps in the scenery
Cold inside his shell
The empty hours here fit you all too well

I’m nobody’s favorite
Harmful in any way I please
Still deceiving and it’s all uneven
But I don’t want to cheat
In dead pursuit of transient relief

They say you know everything
But do you know when you’re wrong?
My stomach’s full of prescription pills
Soon the memory is gone
Track Name: Static
Grandson, I think I’m gonna die
So please be good for me
The light in the room and the words you speak
Are the static on my screen
Please know that no one’s to blame
The memory of you slowly recedes
But I still love you very much
It’s just that it’s time for me to leave

Grandson, I hope you understand
Our time was short but sweet
The warmth of your love is stronger than pain
I feel every time I breathe
I saw you in a dream
You were just a little boy
You laughed and chased me down the street
I made up silly stories to tell you
And then I woke
And you were older

Do my eyes deceive me?
Do these lies believe me?
Listen closely when I try to say
That everything in the end will all make sense

Grandson, I’ve drawn my final breath
I guess this is goodbye
Don’t be afraid, there’s nothing here to fear
I can’t respond to you, and I’m so sorry
Tell your sister goodbye for me
I’d really love to see her, but it’s too late
I’m so glad you’re here with me
To bend down beside me while I sleep